Borovice Zakota's Chaska (Buckley)


Whelped: 02/26/08

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Soft


Reg #:08022606 KlM
Height: 21 3/8"/54.3cm
Length: 22 1/2"/57.2cm
Weight: 45 lbs
NA: 87 Pr III
PennHIP 0.33/0.41
Sire: Samer Buremi
NA 110 I, UT 201 I, PennHIP 0.42/0.35, Br/Wh
Dam: Dora Reflex Bohema
NA 112 E, UT 173 Pr III, OFA MU-211G24F-NOPI (Good), Br/Wh

Buckley is a brown & white male with very good proportions. He has a masculine looking head, a high ear set, and medium brown eyes. His flews are a loose. Front and rear angulation looks very good with straight parallel legs front and back. He has a straight back line, his rib cage depth is correct but does not carry back far enough. His paws are hare like, a bit flat. His coat and feathering look very good.

His hip evaluation is at the median. His NA score is below average for a dog 14 & 15 months of age.

For More Information Contact:

Russell & Bobbi Rydberg

Chetek, WI 54728

Phone Number: 715-924-5881

Email: duffyssales@chibard