VC Hunting Hills' Joker


Whelped: 04/27/08

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Soft


Reg #:08042706 KlM
Height: 22.7"/ 57.5 cm
Length: 23.5 "/ 59.7 cm
Weight: 56 lbs
NA: 110 Pr I, UT: 198 Pr I, Inv 200 Pass
OFA: SMU-112G27M-VPI Good
HRC: Started Hunting Retriever
Sire: VC Hunting Hills' Hemlock
NA 112 Pr I, UT 204 Pr I, PennHIP:0.38/0.32, Br/Wh
Dam: Goodman's Eagle Pt Farrah
NA 96 Pr III, PH 0.41/0.32, Br/Wh
*Frozen semen available
Joker is a brown and white male with good height / length proportions. Ideally, he should be slightly more rectangular. At 57cm, his height is a severe fault. He has a very attractive, well proportioned masculine head, ears well positioned, eyes are medium brown. He is very well constructed in all aspects other than his tail length is too short.
Coat and feathering are very good.
His test scores are very good at a young age. Hips are average.

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Pam Robinson
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Phone Number: 402-435-3990