VC Lakewood's Augustine Altman (Austin)


Whelped: 06/13/2009

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Soft


Reg #: 09061307 KlM
Height: 20.5"/ 52cm
Length: 21"/ 53.3
Weight: 41 lbs
NA: 112 Prize I 5 mos
UT: 204 Prize I
Inv: 200 Pass
OFA SMU-120G27M-VPI (Good)
Sire: Krystal Creek Austin:
NA 112 P I, UT 204,PennHIP: 0.46/0.44, Roan
Dam: Crabtrees Daisy Belle:
NA 110 P I, UPT 110 P III, Roan

An attractive looking dog with a somewhat square build. Head proportions are good however the stop and skull top are a too pronounced. Ear set very good, eyes medium brown. Front legs are well angulated, parallel and have good bone mass. Back line is good. Needs more depth and length of chest. Overall body mass is very light for a male. Rear angulation is pretty good other than the croup being somewhat steep. Rear legs are some what cow hocked.
Coat and feather is very good.
Hips and hunt scores very good.

For More Information Contact:

Rod Jensen
2812 Lakewood Dr
Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Phone Number: 218-770-2441