VC Hunting Hills' Hemlock (Hemi)


Whelped: 01/17/2007

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Soft


Reg #: 07011703 KlM
Height: 21.5"/ 54.6cm
Length: 23.5"/ 59.7cm
Weight: 55 lbs
NA: 112 Pr I, UT: 204 Pr I, INV 196 Pass
HRC: Started Hunting Retriever
PennHIP: 0.38/.032
Sire: VC Cody vom Apfelbaumbach
NA 112 PI, VJP 74, UT 204 PI, VGP 273 P II, PennHIP 0.33/0.33, Roan
Dam: VC Looses Jaika
NA 112 P I, VJP 66, UT 204 PI, PennHIP: 0.43/0.33, Br/Wh

Hemi is a masculine looking dog with a heavier build. His proportions are correct however his heavy coat makes him look a little long in the body. He has a maculine looking head. Ear set OK. Medium brown eyes. Neck is a little too thick for his body. Strong bone structure. Front and rear legs parallel and correctly angled. Good depth of chest. Level back.
Most of the coat is very nice with good furnishings however the hair on his rump is too curly.
His hip and hunt scores are very good.

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