Pine Hollow's Blitz


Whelped: 3/31/2009

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense and Soft


Reg #: 09033104 KlM
Height: 56cm
Length: 58.5cm
Weight 57 lbs
Reg # 09033104 KlM
NA: 112 pr I
UT 181 Pr II
PennHIP 0.25/0.25
Sire: Samer Buremi
NA 110 II, UT 201 I, Inv 180 NP, HZP 156, PH .42/.35, B/W
Dam: Borovice Zatokas Adora
NA 106 Pr I, PH 0.26/0.30, Br/Wh

Blitz is a masculine handsome brown cape/white male with good but slightly square height to length proportions. His head is well proportioned, eyes dark brown, ear set set high with a beautiful 'classic' SM look. Strong neck and well muscled back line. When viewed from the front, he appears a little narrow however given he is middle aged, it isn't a significant issue. Front angulation and rear leg angulation is very good. Excellent depth and length of chest. Front right leg appears to elbow out. Rear legs are straight and parallel. The croup and tail set is very good. Overall, a very solidly built male dog.

His coat is dense and lays flat on the body, feathering on ears and front legs, and britches is excellent.

For More Information Contact:

John and Barb Berlin

Conroe, TX

Phone Number: 505-321-4106