Gosch's Pronto (L.B.)


Whelped: 08/02/2009

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Soft


Height: 22.25"/56.5cm
Length 23"/58.5cm
NA: 110 prize I Extra 105 (P1)
N-4, S-4, W-4, P-4, T-4, D-4, C-3
PennHIP 0.31/0.25
Sire: Hunting Hills Gunnar:
NA 102 Pr III, UT 199 Pr I, OFA Excellent
Dam: Davis' Abbey:
NA 94 Pr III, PennHIP 0.38/0.33

A brown and white male whose height is in the severe fault range. Head is well proportioned however it is not very masculine in appearance. Ear set is good. Eyes light brown. Back and bottom line very good. Depth of chest good. Front and rear angulation very good. Very good hip and hunt test scores.

Coat very good. Feathering a little short on ears and front legs.

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