VC Gosch's Seeker


Whelped: 6/16/2011

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Soft


Reg #: 11061602 KlM
Color: Br/Wh
Height: 22"/56cm
Length: 23.5"/59.9cm
Weight: 43 lbs
NA: 112 Prize I age 11.6 months
N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-4 D-4 C-4
UPT: 166 Prize II
JGHV Derby Prize 1 (all 4's)
JGHV Solms Prize 1
(All 4's except 3 in blind retrieve of duck from heavy cover & 3 in the 'style' of retrieve.)
PennHIP #904584 0.32/0.31 report date 1/15/2013
Sire: Krystal Creek's Austin
NA 112 I, UT 204 I, Inv 175 NP, PennHIP .46/.42, Roan
Dam: Gosch's Nicolett
NA 110 1, PH .34/.36, Br/Wh

A friendly male dog with with an elegant appearance but light in mass. His head is fairly masculine looking head, medium brown eyes. Ear set is good. His movement in coming and going is parallel, elegant and ground covering. His rear legs are a little bit out bound. Angle of rear legs and tail attachment are correct. Tail is 1.5" too short.
Hair is short and dense and lays tight to the body. Feathering on front legs is good but short on the tail, ears and britches.

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