Anheuser von der Weidach


Whelped: 03/28/2012

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Medium Harsh


Born: 03/28/2012
Reg #: 12-0421 KlM-D
Anheuser is a German import
Color: Brown/White
Height: 22 1/2 - 57cm
Length: 25 1/2 - 64.5cm
Weight: 54 lbs
NA: 107 Prize II Test age 13 months
VJP: 58
PennHIP: 0.28/0.27
Sire:Astor vom Overledinger Moor
VJP 71 HZP 186 VGP 331/P1 V-SG-54 HQ 1.01 HD-A Br/Wh
Dam: Afra von der Zell
VJP 72 HZP 180 VGP 397/P3 SG-SG-54 HQ 94 HD-A Dunkelschmmel

Anheuser is a nice looking male with a masculine but refined looking head, with correct proportions. Good ear set with excellent furnishings and length. Medium/dark eyes from what we can see. He falls into the severe height category with good proportions of height to length. It appears his bone mass is on the light side for his over all size, and may be caused by his long legs. The neck is a little light looking but flows into the shoulders nicely. Front legs are parallel however the angulation is steep. Front paws tend to turn out slightly and a little hair like. Chest depth is a little shallow, but length is good, and nice gradual tuck. Nice top line, but croup is a little rounded. As a result the tail set appears to be a little low. Rear legs are a little over angulated, but nice and parallel. Very nice coat and furnishings.

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Jake and Nicole Kopocis

Omaha, NE

Phone Number: 402-616-9488