Wolfsburgs Ember


Whelped: 06/20/11

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Medium Harsh


Reg #: 11062002 KlM
Color: White/ Brown
Height: 53.6 cm
Length: 58 cm
Weight: 46 lbs
NA: 112 Pr I at 13 months old
OFA SMU-165G42M-VPI (Good) Report Date 1/22/15
Sire: Iros vom Kiefernwalde
VJP 72, HZP 183, VGP 336 I,Sg-Sg-54, Br/Wh
Dam: Jule vom Buchenberg
NA 112I, UT 177II, VJP 69, HZP 180 PH.27/0.23, Br/Wh

Typical looking brown/white male SM with a light build. Height to length proportion is correct. Neutral looking head with very good proportions, and nice ear set. Eyes where judged to be medium brown. Shoulder lay back is very good at 90 degrees, and the front leg angulation is good. Overall good depth and length of chest. Croup was judged a little steep with slightly low tail set. Loin is a little light in muscle. Rear angulation is very good. Front and rear legs are both parallel, but turn out slight. Over all the coat was judged to be very good. The only criticism would be that feathering on the was a little thin with a little leather showing. Overall all gait was judged very good. Both front and rear reach is slightly short. Very harmonious movement.

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