Lakewood's Courageous Shane


Whelped: 11/17/2011

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Soft


Call name: Shane
Reg #: 11111703 KlM
Color: Brown/Roan
Height: 20.5"/52cm Length: 22.4"/57cm
Weight: 44 lbs
NA: 103 Prize II 8.7 mos
N-4 S-3 W-4 P-4 T-3 D-4 C-3
UT:199 Pr I
PennHIP 0.41/0.40 report date 01/29/14
Sire: Krystal Creeks Austin
NA 112 I, UT 204 I, Inv 175 NP, PennHIP .46/.42, Roan
Dam: Crabtrees Daisy Belle
NA 110 Pr I, UPT 110 Pr III, OFA Good, Roan

Shane is a typical looking brown/roan male SM with a light build. His height to length proportion is correct. He has a masculine looking head, his muzzle is slightly short relative to skull, with very good ear set. Shoulder lay back is a little steep and the front leg angulation is also somewhat steep. Very good depth of chest. Rib cage could carry a little farther back. Crop and overall rear angulation is very good. Tail is 3/4" too short. Front and rear legs are straight and parallel.
Over all, the coat is very good to excellent. The only criticism would be that the britches were excessively long.

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