Robingun's Armed Dangerous Tank


Whelped: 05/23/2013

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Soft


Reg #: 13052304 KIM
Color: Brown/White
Height: 21.8" 55.5cm
Length: 22.5" 57.2cm
Weight 48 lbs
NA: 112 P I months of age months
N-4 S- P-4 W-4 T-4 D-4 C-4
PennHIP: 0.33/0.21 report 01-15-2016
Sire: McClouth's Tara Wood:
NA: 110 Pr I 12.3 mo old, OFA SMU-125G24M-VPI (Good), Roan
Dam: Wolfsburgs Etta Juwel:
NA: 102 PII UPT 175 PI ,PH 0.31/0.31, Br/Wh

Tank is a handsome looking male with a slightly square build. Overall bone and muscle mass slightly light for a male. Very nice attractive male head with good proportions with correct ear set and length. Eyes light brown. Neck flows nicely into body. Front angulation is very good with front legs under his withers. Front legs are nice and straight, but maybe a little narrow. Front paws are nice and straight. Nice depth and length of chest. Loins could use a little more length, which would help correct his square build. Croup is a little steep/rounded, and tail length appears slightly short. Rear angulation is good, but thighs are a little narrow. Hock length correct, but angle out slightly, and knees point out slightly. Rear feet spay out, but look nice and tight.

Coat is soft, dense, and lays on the body well. Length is nice on most of body, but excessive on front of neck and chest. Furnishings also a a little excessive, especially the ears. Excellent PennHip .20/.21 and NA test score 112 prize 1.

For More Information Contact:

Craig Hansen

Lincoln, NE 68526

Phone Number: 402-327-9126