Timber Trails' Cedar


Whelped: 01/04/2013

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Soft


Call name: Timber
Reg #: 13010402 KlM
Color: Br/Wh
Weight: lbs
NA: 112 Pr I 11 mos old
UT: 204 Pr I 3 yr 2 mo
PennHIP: 0.16/0.20
Sire: VC Hunting Hills' Joker
NA 110 P I, UT 198 P I, INV 200 Pass OFA: Good, Br/Wh
Dam: Fall Brook Run's Alli
NA 90 NP, UPT 160 II, UT 197 II, SMU-73G25F-PI, Roan

Cedar is an attractive masculine looking brown/white SM male. His height is in the severe high side of the FCI Standard. His head is well proportioned with medium to light brown colored eyes and his ears set is correct. His height/length proportion is correct with a strong neck flowing nicely into his slightly dipped back due to his steep croup. Cedar's front and rear angulation looks to be very good and balanced. The tail is set low and the length is judged to be 1/2 inch short but carried properly in the horizontal position and level with the back. His skin is tight clinging. His feet are hare like with medium pads and short hair found between his toes. The coat is judged dense strong of medium length being mostly smooth with ample feathering on legs and ears as well as reaching down to the hocks on the rear legs. The tail has a long flag.
Movement is harmonious on this dog with good ground covering but lacking a little rear extension due to the steep croup. His behavior is friendly and very confident.

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