Hunting Hills' Rocky


Whelped: 12/07/2011

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Soft


Reg #: 11120701 KlM
Color: Brown/White
Height: 52cm
Length: 58cm
Weight: 48 lbs
NA: 98 NP N-4 S4- W-4 P-1 T-4 D-4 C-3, Test at 8 mos
UT: 196 I 43444 44334 44444, Test at 1 yrs 10 mos
PennHIP: 0.20/0.20
Sire: Astor vom Kiefernwalde
VJP 72 HZP 187 VGP 331 P I SG-V-55 HQ=0.96,HD-A, Br/Wh
Dam: VC Loose's Jaika
NA 112 P I, VJP 66, UT 196 P I, PennHIP: 0.43/0.33

Rocky is a nice elegant looking male small munsterlander. He is at the low end of the severe fault range for a male. His height to length proportion is slightly long. His head is a bit on the neutral side for a male, as he is lacking stop. Rest of head proportions are excellent. Dark brown eyes. Ear set is low, and ears a little long. Nice strong neck. Very good front angulation, with excellent set back. Front legs are nice and parallel. Feet straight with noticeably large thick pads. Depth and length of chest very good. Nice level top line with gradual slope. Croup a little steep, and rounded. Tail set a little low. Rear angulation is very good as well. Rear legs parallel. Rear feet turn out slightly. Nice thick pads.
Excellent coat. Dense with very good length. Length of furnishings are all excellent.

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