Robingun's Doctor Leer v Aico


Whelped: 08-22-14

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Medium Dense, Medium Harsh


Call Name: Doc
Reg #: 14102703 KlM
Color: Roan
Height: 57cm
Length: 60.5cm
Weight: 43 lbs
NA: 102 Pr II at 11 mos old
N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-2 D-3 C-3
UPT: 146 Pr III at 13 mo old
PennHIP: 0.34/ 0.35
Sire: Aico
Dam: Wolfsburgs Etta Juwel:
NA: 102 Pr II, UPT: 175 Pr I, UT: 184 Pr III,2015 UKC Conf Champ, PennHIP 0.31/0.31

Doc is a handsome looking male. With a height of 57cm, His height is 1/2" into the upper severe fault range. He has an average build, he appears to weigh more then the 43 lbs listed. Length to height ratio is 106%. Masculine head with excellent proportions. Flews appear on loose side. Eyes med brown. Ear set low. Neck well muscled and nice taper. Front angulation little steep. Front legs parallel, but a little narrow. Front paws fairly straight, but a little hare like. Chest depth, length, and tuck all very good. The width of chest is narrow however. this would explain front legs being narrow, and why he ways less, then he appears, especially in side photos. Nice level top line. Croup rounded, but doesn't appear steep like you typically see in a rounded croup. Tail set slightly low. Very nice rear assembly. Angulation is better then front. His thigh mass looks light compared to rest of body. Legs parallel, but little narrow. Paws tighter then front, but notice left foot turns out compared to right. Above average hip and test scores.
Excellent looking coat with excellent furnishings.

For More Information Contact:

Jim Blaha

Council Bluffs , IA 51503

Phone Number: 402-616-5747