Buying a Small Munsterlander

Hunter's Moon K Litter
Hunter's Moon Elsa X Hunting Hills' Quick Shooter
Puppies born April 25, 2022
Born: 5 males and 6 females
Available: 3 males and 1 females


Hunter's Moon Elsa

Whelped: 08/25/2016
Coat: Medium Dense, Medium Harsh
Call Name: Elsa

Reg #: 16082509 KlM
Color: Brown/White
Height: 20.75"/ 52.7cm
Length: 20.7"/ 58cm
Weight: 40.5 lbs
NA: 112 Pr I
N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-4 D-4 C-4
PennHIP: 0.31/0.38
Father: Ivanoff's CP Andreas
NA: 112 PI,  PH 0.26/0.26 Br/Wh
Mother:  Hunter's Moon Breck
NA: 93 PIII, PH 0.40/0.39 Br/Wh

Hunting Hills' Quick Shooter

Whelped: 03/09/2020
Coat: Dense, Medium Harsh
Call name: Shooter
Reg #: SM-005421
Color: Roan
Height: 21.75"/53.5cm
Length: 23.5"/59cm
Weight: 46 lbs
NA: 103 Pr II 13 mos old
PennHIP: 0.30/0.28
Sire: Grasdingen's Manfred Jixerson (Ruger)
NA 107 P II, PH 0.26/0.26, Roan
Dam: Anastasia von Maple
NA 110 PI, PH 0.24/0.24, Brown/White


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