Buying a Small Munsterlander

Timber Trail's Helenabelle (Mia) X Robingun's Bode vom Iros

Timber Trail's P Litter
Timber Trail's Helenabelle (Mia) X Robingun's Bode vom Iros

Puppies Born February 2, 2019

Male and Female puppy avaiable

Timber Trail's Mia Reg #: 160401109 KlM, Whelp: 04-1-2016
Color: Roan Ticked Coat: Dense, Medium Harsh
Height: 20.5"/ 52cm
Length: 23"/ 58cm
Weight: 44 lbs
NA: 112 Prize I
PennHIP: 0.31/0.39

Sire: Anheuser von der Weidach is a German import, D.O.B. 3/28/2012
NAVHDA Tests: NA 107 Prize II
JGHV natural ability test VJP-58/60
PennHip  0.28/0.27, Brown and White
Dam: Timber Trail's Alucky:
NA 93 III, OFA: SMU-123E31F-VPI (Excellent), PennHIP: 0.39/0.39, Roan
Grand Sire: VC Herzcoffs Black Star(Uno): NA 112 P I, 204 P I, Inv Pass, 0.30/0.22, Roan

Grand Dam: Fall Brook Run's Aili: NA 90 NP, UPT 160 II, UT 197 II, OFA: SMU-73G25F-PI (Good), Roan Whelped: 8/16/2013
Reg #: 13081601 KlM
Color: Brown/White Coat: Dense, Soft
Height: 21.25" 54cm
Length: 23" 58cm
Weight 49 lbs
NA: 104 II at 9 months of age
N-4 S-4 P-4 W-4 T-2 D-3 C-4
PennHIP 0.32/0.33

Robingun's Bode vom Iros Reg #: 13081601 KlM, Whelp: 08-16-2013
Color: Brown White Ticked: Dense, Medium Harsh
Height: 21..25"/ 54cm
Length: 23"/ 58cm
Weight: 49 lbs
NA: 104/112 Prize II
PennHIP: 0.32/0.33

Sire: Iros vom Kiefernwalde
VJP 72, HZP 183, VGP 336 I,Sg-Sg-54, Br/Wh
Dam:Hunting Hills' Nixie Rae
NA 112 PI, UT 201 PI, PH .17/.17, Br/Wh
Grand Sire: Jerry vom Buchenberg, NA 112 Pr I, VJP 71, HZP 175, UT 196 Pr I
Grand Dam: VC Loose's Jaika, NA 112 Pr I, VJP 66, UT 204 Pr I, Inv Pass




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Ashford, CT
Phone: 860-477-0355 evenings