Buying a Small Munsterlander

For Sale: Uros Eben Ezer (Utzski)

Whelped: 04/16/2015

Temperament: Normal, Not Gun Shy

Coat: Dense, Medium Harsh

Reg #:CLP/MMO/11088/15 KlM
Utzski is an import from Czechoslovakia
Height: 21.75"/55.25cm
Length: 24.75"/ 63cm
Weight: 65 lbs
NA: 112 Prize I age 12 months
N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-4 D-4 C-4
UPT: 164 Pr II age 16 mos
UT: 204 Pr II age 2 yrs 6 mos
PennHIP: 0.30/0.39
Sire: Jasko von der Wolfstange
VJP 70 HZP 178 VGP I V-V-55 Br/Wh
Dam: Ulla-Asta V Dijamanti
v, CAC,Narodni vitez, BOB

Utski is nice solid muscular looking male. His height is within standard, but his body length is on the long side. He has a broad masculine looking head with correct proportions. Eye color is light brown. His ear set looks to be average, but good considering his broad head. Flews look to be nice and tight. Nice well muscled neck that flows nicely into his back. His front and rear angulation are very good and well balanced. His front and rear legs are straight and parallel. Feet also look pretty straight. Good muscle mass in front shoulders and thighs. Nice deep chest with very good length and tuck. Very nice level top line. Croup is a little steep and rounded, but his tail set looks good.
Very nice dense coat with good length. Excellent furnishings with exception to his ears which are lacking.

Please Contact John or Sande for sale price:

John & Sande Mustain
Peculiar, MO 64078

Phone Number: 816-779-7124

Email: [email protected]