Buying a Small Munsterlander

Tips on Buying a Small Munsterlander

What questions should I ask myself and my entire family before buying a Small Munsterlander?

Dogs of any breed deserve a permanent, stimulating, clean, loving home. Purchasing a puppy on impulse, without proper planning and consideration can cause much heartbreak and pain for you, your family, and your new puppy.

Unfortunately some puppies are acquired for the wrong reasons. The following are reasons not to purchase a dog:

  • They are not hunting equipment brought out of their kennel once a year and expected to hunt for a hunting trip without proper training, conditioning and care.
  • They are not breeding machines to be bred for profit.
  • They are not educational tools to teach children responsibility.
  • They are not a status symbol to be brought out when friends visit.
  • They are not a backyard fixture to be kept in the backyard all of the time.

Is a Small Munsterlander the dog for me?

A Small Munsterlander puppy is much the same as buying a puppy of any breed. Before you purchase a puppy, make sure you seriously think of the commitment you will be making. Most Small Munsterlander’s live to 12-14 years of age. Will you be willing to provide the time, the attention, the consistent training, the patience, and the permanent loving home for the lifetime of your Small Munsterlander?

See a Small Munsterlander in person to decide if it is the type of dog that you are interested in. Ways to see a Small Munsterlander are:

  • Visit the breeders you have contacted to see their Small Munsterlander breed stock in person.
  • Hunt with a Small Munsterlander hunter to see the hunting style of the Small Munsterlander.
  • Attend a NAVHDA training session or test to see a Small Munsterlander in a hunting situation.

Where will my Small Munsterlander live?

Small Munsterlander’s do not make good full-time kennel dogs. They are very social, active, intelligent, tenacious and loving companions. They require considerable mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis. Like most other hunting dogs, they can become bored, unhappy, and destructive if their basic needs are not met. However, a Small Munsterlander whose physical, mental, emotional needs are met on a daily basis can be your pleasant house companion, faithful hunting partner, and best friend.

Will I have any life changes that can impact on owning a hunting dog?

With such a mobile society, many people are experiencing lifestyle changes. Consider the impact of new babies, young children, new jobs, divorces and moves into apartments or other rental housing where your Small Munsterlander may not be acceptable. If potential owners think and plan ahead before buying a Small Munsterlander, they can provide a loving permanent home for the life of their hunting companion.

What should I ask a Small Munsterlander Breeder?

Buying a Small Munsterlander puppy is much the same as buying a puppy of any breed.

The selection of your breeder is as important as the selection of the breed. Make a list of the qualities that you are looking for in your Small Munsterlander, and include the activities that you plan to participate in with your dog. Once you have decided that a Small Munsterlander is the breed for you, contact several breeders with puppies or breeders planning to have a litter. Do not buy a Small Munsterlander puppy from a pet store or a dog broker, these puppies may be the products of a puppy mill or an unscrupulous breeder who cannot sell their puppies with the normal person to person methods. Many times, the socialization of pet store puppies is seriously lacking and can affect the dog for its lifetime.

Take your time. Do not be in a hurry to buy your puppy. You will have your Small Munsterlander for 12-14 years. Plan on interviewing many breeders and seeing as many Small Munsterlanders as you can. Do not make your choice until you have interviewed a number of breeders. After you have researched a number of breeders and learned about their breeding philosophies and breeding programs, choose your breeder and get onto their waiting list.