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SMCNA Hall of Fame 2016 thru 2021

2021 Hall of Fame Winners

VC Bold Breeze Atremis 

            Owner: Brian Werner               Breeder: Jill Colloton

Owners Description

Artee is a once in a lifetime dog for me. Her personality is much like mine - fun loving and full of energy. At an early age she showed great promise with a staunch point and good tracking abilities like her mother. She scored 79 on the German VJP test which was the third highest (at the time) in the history of the JGV in North America. She continued with high testing scores in the NAVHDA testing system culminating with her maximum score at the NAVHDA Invitational.

Even more importantly she has proven to be an excellent hunting dog, able to locate, point and retrieve ruffed grouse, woodcock, pheasant, sharptail grouse and wild chukar. An enthusiastic waterfowl dog, she is patient in the blind and strong enough to retrieve a goose. Artee's superior nose is able to track rabbits and recover wounded/running birds. She is very loyal but given the chance will also hunt for others. She has been a joy to handle and hunt behind and cuddle on the couch with.


  • NA 110, Prize III
  • UT 201, Prize I
  • INV 200, Pass


  • Bold Breeze A litter NA Breeder's Award (2020)  
  • Bold Breeze B litter NA Breeder's Award (2020) 


  • VJP 79


  • Canine Good Citizen

2019 Hall of Fame Winners

VC Gosch’s Seeker     

Owners - Terry and Terry Guild Long  Breeder: Chris & Marc Gosch   

Owners Description:

Seeker is a delight to have. He is very smart, easy to train and is very willing to please you. He picks up on new things very quickly. He has a great nature and loves to be around humans and other dogs. He is great house pet. We hardly know where he is except when we come home. He welcomes us home with great excitement presenting us with a toy, but he calms down very quickly. In the house he follows me and my wife everywhere and is always at our feet when we relax. His favorite sleeping place is under his bed, yes! Under his bed.

Whether hunting or training he loves to be in the field. He hunts with great enthusiasm, ranges far, but does hold his point very well till I get there. He works all sorts of cover no matter how thick and thorny it is. He is a great hunter with a fantastic nose, energy, and drive. Not only his field work is excellent but his water work is superb. This fall he made a 400 foot pheasant retrieve in a river. I have only trained on ducks, but his duck search is fantastic. His testing scores bear this out. I have rabbit hunted with him. He points them very well, but I don’t let him chase them for safety reasons.

His coat is short and dense making grooming after a day hunting a 5 minute job. His feathering was short on the conformation report because we trim the feathers for hunting and training.

Invitational remarks:

Seeker’s extreme desire plus me being a novice handler cost us few hits. I had to whoa him at the honoring at the blind and at one point in the field while working a bird hisbrace mate came on point. He looked at me confused so I said whoa. His field work was superb. He is great at heal but his excitement got the better of him. A judge commended they got a kick out of how vocal he was when he had to wait. I feel the judges were very fair in their scoring of him.

Judges Comments

“I have trained and tested many versatile hunting dogs including Small Munsterlanders. Seeker shows the right stuff needed in versatile dogs. His nose proved to be excellent in the field and the water.”    

Dave Trahan Trainer, Senior Judge NAVHDA and JGHVG Judge, NAVHDA President

 “The dog exhibited very good nose, tracking and pointing with style and purpose.” They also encouraged me to further test him in the more advanced NADKC VGP

NADKC Judges Commented on his score sheet.


NA: 112 Prize I

UPT: 166 Prize II

UT: 204 Prize I

INV: 185 Pass


Prize I


NA Breeder’s Award: Timber Trail's D Litter


Canine Good Citizen

    Quina vom Forstweg        

Owner – Jeff Lorenzini  Breeder - Klaus Kramer 



Owners Description:
Quina is a German import, and from the day she cleared Customs has been an integral part of our family.

Quina has promoted the breed by excelling in the NAVHDA testing system and earning a NAVHDA Breeders Award.  She earned a UKC Hunter Retriever (HR) water title, being the second Small Munsterlander to achieve this title;

thereby, demonstrating the versatility of this breed.  She recently won the SMCA Hunting Derby, but more than competing, she loves to hunt.  Quina utilizes all the Small Munsterlander traits to put game on the table from feather to fur.

Quina is now 7 years old, and has become a true ambassador for the breed, not just at testing venues, but by providing me with countless memories of hunting behind her, and more importantly
by being a loyal family companion who has touched the hearts of many.



Na prize III

UPT prize I

UT prize I


UKC Hunter Retriever Title

UKC Started Title


Annual Meeting Hunter Division First Place

Breeders Award: Keegan’s Point A Litter


Good Canine Citizen Certificate

2018 Hall of Fame Winners

Hunting Hills' Yeager Kayden  

Owners: Carrah & Mark Whitaker  Breeder: Kristine Hill

Hall of Fame - SMCNA

Owners Description:

Hunting Hill's Yeager Kayden is so much more than we could have ever imagined; he has taught us what the what the Small Munsterlander is truly all about. Kayden loves to work and train completing both with style and drive. I have been told many times he is a pleasure to watch, "He just loves to work". Kayden has tested and excelled in NAVHDA at a very young age. In our training journey we have also ventured into the Hunter Retriever Club testing. Kayden earned his SHR (started) title at 13 months and his HR (seasoned) Title April 2018. We have competed in the SMCA Bird Derby 3 years running and Kayden has taken 1st place all 3 years and in all 3 classes.

Kayden is a pleasure to have in the home and we have travelled extensively across the country and he is always well behaved. He earned his Canine Good Citizen at 14 months.

Kayden's strong work ethic, incredible drive, and his ability to keep his head in the game represents the Small Munsterlander very well as a versatile breed.


  • NA 110 Prize 1
  • UPT 147 Prize III
  • UT 190 Prize III


  • Bird Derby
  • Puppy 2015 1st place
  • Junior Hunter 2016 1st place
  • Hunter 2017 1st place


  • Canine Good Citizen


  • SHR Title 2015
  • HR Title 2018

VC Pine Hollow's Brigette Breeze
Owners: Jill Colloton  Breeder: Beth & Russ Phillips

Hall of Fame SMCNA

Breeze came into our family as our very first hunting dog. We had no idea how to train her, but with help from our NAVHDA chapter she quickly became an exceptional dog despite our incompetence. She was pointing at eight weeks, prized in her NA test just shy of five months, and completed a successful hunting season before she was nine months old.

At nine years of age she still hunts pheasant, woodcock, grouse, quail, ducks, rabbits, and squirrels with plenty of stamina. Proving that old dogs can learn new tricks, she began blood tracking deer in 2017 with good success. She is an ambassador for the breed with her winsome personality and flashy hunting style.

We are fortunate to remain in close contact with five of Breeze's puppies, all of whom are
now fine hunting dogs and household companions. We will forever be thankful to the late
Beth Phillips for trusting us with this special dog.


  • NA 110, Prize III (4.9 months)
  • UT 204, Prize I
  • INV 188, Pass
  • NA Breeder's Award
  • UT Breeder's Award
  • North Central Wisconsin Chapter Dog of the Year, 2011


  • Bold Breeze A litter NA Breeder's Award (2014)  
  • Bold Breeze A litter UT Breeder's Award (2018)


  • Canine Good Citizen