Buying a Small Munsterlander

Cooperating Breeders & Owners of Stud Dogs

The SMCA created the Cooperating Breeders Group to help insure the health of the Small (Kleine) Munsterlander and to encourage those who may have had medical problems in their SMs to report the incident. The Cooperating Breeders have agreed to report health problems in their own dogs and to request the owners of dogs that they have produced to report as well. We encourage those seeking to buy pups to give their utmost consideration to the following Cooperating Breeders, for with these kennels, any health problems they have encountered are visible and one can inquire about the steps that have been taken to deal with them. Otherwise, health problems in a line are presumed hidden and not freely disclosed. If you talk to a breeder who is not a member of the Cooperating Breeders Group, ask why and wonder why they are not helping defeat heritable disease in the breed.

Cooperating Breeders

Owners Kennel State Phone
Mark Koffler Drifting Feathers WA 509-823-0736
Marc Gosch Gosch's IA 712-676-3802
Kevin Hopkins Hopkins Heartland KS 913-269-0368
Kevin Crowley Hunters Moon MI 616-292-6385
Rodney Jensen Lakewood MN 218-739-4706
Rod Hines Lavina Grove WI 608-225-7090
John and Sande Mustain Mustain MO 816-779-7124
Wesley Borowski Oak Loop MN 218-731-2845
John & Melanie Callahan Perdido Bay Kennel FL 850-549-3377
Mike Gurski Rainy Lake ON Canada 807-276-1176
Richard Owens Riverhill IA 712-258-5050
Joel Arnao Rowan Farm AR 678-777-8219
John and Jerri O'Connor Rustic Bridge WI 608-345-5742
Lin and Rick Shippy Shippy Ranch SD 605-351-4656
Mick Jensen ThorWinds NE 402-677-0442
Mark Schnubel Timber Trail CT 860-477-0355
Keith Daniels Trapper's Run OH 419-365-5321
Mike Palmitier Tru Point MI 616-257-3454
Tyler Tysver Tysver's MN 218-205-7010
Ryan & Anna Flogstad Valley View SD 605-261-4637
Leon Kazakin Von Maple ON Canada 905-879-4884
Jay Sandman Driftless WI 952-277-9248
Jeff Lorenzini Keegan's Point GA 517-442-8668
Jeff Lemmenes Lumpy's Kennel WI 920-948-2982
Jed Konsor Two Rivers SD 320-761-0628
Brian Werner Autumn Wings WI 715-573-9642
Kelly Berry Bailou ON Canada 705-849-3669
Curt & Sue Kieffer BB's Kennel IA 319-530-7598
Bill & Cathy Ettinger Belvoir VA 703-644-0129
Paul & Suzanne Ostoff Big Dipper MN 507-301-2213
Patricia Ross Bilstar Kennel WI 715-385-2434
Mychael and Alexis McClure BirdDog NE 402-640-3315
Jill Colloton & Brian Werner Bold Breeze WI 715-573-9641
Jeff Menzinko Cedars Point Kennel SD 425-241-7788
Keven Crabtree Crabtree MN 218-739-2171
Jessica & Halle Cannon Dirt Road Dog Co GA 229-400-0871
Kyle & Kristie Dana Echo Kennels IA 641-691-5870
Charlie & Marianne Fusselman Fusselman IA 712-310-1024
Terry & Terry Long Granite State NH 603-948-2752/603-781-3210
Brian Hetrick Hetrick Hills ID 208-241-5682
Jeff and Kris Hill Hunting Hills NE 402-545-2581
Stewart & Emily Kennedy Kennedy OK 405-826-1345
Clayton and Shirley Monical La Caccia NE 402-679-2836
Tom Beall DVM Little Sioux IA 712-580-8990
Kassie & Patrick Sutil Mama Bear MT 619-990-9217
Jay & Angie Dyhr Maple Ridge WI 608-921-9748
Charles Rabolli North Hills Kennel AL 687-772-2342
Daniel Mick On The Fly CA 818-681-5987
Dean Rasmussen Rasmussen's Dakota SD 605-532-5485
Janet Hartigh Riava, AB AB 403-887-5652
Patricia & Erin Helmich Riley IA 712-260-0560
Pamela Robinson Robingun NE 402-435-3990
Justin Glover Small Cathedral Gundogs GA 770-630-3719
Charles & Ann Taft South Coast Munsterlanders MA 508-367-3221
Chandler Williamson TBA CO 303-437-4106
Ern Van Noller TBA MI 616-272-9807
Helen Crowe TBA MI 906-869-2889
Isaiah Porter TBA ND 701-391-3865
Robin Dana TBA WI 616-285-5893
Clayton Treiber Treiber MN 218-348-4708

Cooperating Owners of Stud Dogs

Owners Kennel State Phone
Mark Koffler Drifting Feathers WA 509-823-0736
Tonya & Eric Bartholomew ET Bar KS 785-456-3374
Jeff and Kris Hill Hunting Hills NE 402-545-2581
Keith and Corrine Seebart Pole Mountain Kennel WY 307-745-7510
Richard Owens Riverhill IA 712-258-5050
Pam and Mario Robinson Robingun NE 402-435-3990
Mark Schnubel Timber Trail CT 860-477-0355
Terry & Terry Long Granite State NH 603-948-2752/603-781-3210
Kenneth Hamele Rawhide Creek NE 402-936-0229
John & Julie Steab Bergen MT 406-594-5501
Jill Colloton Bold Breeze WI 715-573-9641
Carrah & Mark Whitaker C.M.Hunt FL 850-294-7316
Jeff Mizenko Cedar's Point SD 425-241-7788
Jay & Jessica Farrel Farrel VA 703-448-0641
John and Sande Mustain Mustain MO 816-779-7124
Darryl McNeill TBA NC 919-618-5490
Greg Tupper TBA MN 612-963-6213
James Reihl TBA KS 913-485-5733
James Yackley TBA MN 320-841-1461
Jesse Morgan TBA MO 816-838-9244
Jim Blaha TBA IA 402-616-5747
John and Barb Berlin TBA TX 505-321-4106
Jon & Maria Goodman TBA IA 712-545-3758
Kevin Gardenier TBA MI 616-644-7788
Mark A Schwietz TBA MN 651-343-5731
Michael Skowronek TBA WI 262-290-8638
Phil Goeden TBA MN 320-491-1800
Ron Hines TBA NE 308-532-2946
Russell & Bobbi Rydberg TBA WI 715-645-0478
Thomas & Marin Appel TBA AB Canada 587-377-0307