Buying a Small Munsterlander

Sunny Acres C Litter
Muddy Paws Brooks (Louise) X VC Brush Dale's Open Season (Jager)
 Puppies due November 2023
Muddy Paws Brooks (Louise)  
Whelped: 04/12/2019
Reg #: SS20977502
Color: Roan
Height: 20.1"/ 50cm
Length: 21.3"/ 54cm
Weight: 46.8 lbs
NA: 110 Pr I at 15 months
N-4 S-4 W-4 P-4 T-3 D-4 C-4
OFA: MU-231E25F-VPI Excellent
Sire: Fuglejaeger D Jixer
NA: 112 PI, OFA , Br/Wh
Dam: Prairie Peaks Adley's April Fool
NA 98 Pr III, OFA Good, Roan
VC Brush Dale's Open Season (Jager)
Whelped: 10/24/2015
Reg #: SM-003836
Color: Roan
Height: 20.85" / 53cm
Length: 21.75" / 55cm
Weight: 48 lbs
NA: 112 P I at 10.5 months of age
N-4 S-4 P-4 W-4 T-4 D-4 C-4
UT: 198 Pr 1  at 3 year and 10 months
INV: 200 Pass
AKC Senior Hunter, AKC Master Hunter
AKC Water Retrieve
SMCA Hall of Fame
OFA: SMU-228G41M-PI  Good 
Sire: Brush Dale's Doggone Right SM-003156
NA107 PI  OFA Br/Wh
Dam: Brush Dale's Brown Eyed Girl Reg# 11011508 KlM 
NA: 107 PI, OFA: Good, Roan

NA: 112 P I at 18 months of age (covid delayed)
N-4 S-4 P-4 W-4 T-4 D-4 C-4



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