Buying a Small Munsterlander

Rivare's A Litter
Echo's Koda L Cash X Trapper's Run Doe Rey Me
Puppies due at the end of April 2024


Trapper's Run Doe Rae Me
Whelped: 07/18/2021
Coat: Dense, Soft
Call name: Rae
Reg #: SM-006094
Color: Br/Wh  Sex: Female
Height:  20.25" /  52cm
Length: 22.25" / 56cm
Weight: 47 lbs
NA: 82 Pr III age 1 yr 1 mos  used bird at water
OFA Hip: SMU-312G24M-P-VPI (Good)
OFA Elbow: SMU-EL32M27-P-VPI  No evidance
Sire: Hunting Hills' Blood Ty  
NA: 112 PI, UT: 204 PI, PH: 0.18/0.29, Roan 
Dam: Tru Point Fanny 
NA: 106 PI, OFA: Good, Br/Wh
Echo's Koda L Cash
Whelped: 01/18/2022
Coat: Dense, Medium Harsh
Call name: Cash
Reg #: SM-006234
Color: Roan 
Height:  22" /  56cm
Length: 23.5" / 60cm
Weight: 54 lbs
NA: 92 Pr II age 8 mos
OFA Hip: SMU-321G24M-P-VPI (Good)
Sire: Little Sioux's Asher Takota
Dam: Robingun's Lucky T Lehyah Chloe




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